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Our Environmental ServiceDRL Environmental have recently been working in partnership with the Environmental Agency on a £3.5 million contract on preventative measures to halt the erosion of the coastline around Grange – Over - Sands, Cumbria.

With the current machinery we own, we have the capability for Remediation works. Environmental Remediation is the removal of pollution of contaminants from the ground to allow the safe redevelopment of the land. The process consists of, excavating the site, screening of the material to remove contaminants, replacement of the good material (this can include a membrane depending of the specific site requirements) and the compaction of the replaced material to create a suitable base for the development.

The Virtual Curtain is a unique no-dig gas interception, dilution and dispersal system developed to provide an effective solution to the problem of lateral migration or pathway interception of gases within the ground.

This unique patented system has been developed in conjunction with SEL Environmental and The Environmental Protection Group.

Ove Arup were commissioned to undertake CFD validation of the system and extend the design method “

For further technical information on the virtual curtain please visit www.selenvironmental.com


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